For the Ulitimate Amphibious Vehicle Experience

The Panther is currently offered in two states of completion;Turnkey Minus and Complete Custom. Please note the Complete Custom version may be a challenge or impossible to license and register for street use in some states. In these states the Panther must be purchased as a Turnkey Minus and licensed as a specially constructed vehicle if used on the highway. There is pending federal legislation (HR3274) for low production vehicle manufacturers that, if passed, will make the registration of Complete Custom models much easier. Check your local registration requirements before you order. The following links may be of assistance in determining the requirements for your municipality.

Should you require assistance in completing your Panther, we will be happy to help you identify a shop capable of installing the drive train for you.




purchase watercar

Body/Hull w chromoly chasis
Front & REar chromoly suspension arm
4 WaterCar patened hydraulic shock absorbers
4 Stainless steel brake rotors
4 Wilwood brake calipers
Wilwood pedal and master cylinder assembly
2 Stainless high angle bushings
WaterCar patented steering rack
STainless steel Flaming River steering column
Stainless steel Flaming River steering U joints & Shafts
Shifter mounting bracket
4 Light weight Weld racing wheels
4 Yokohama tires
WaterCar patented transfer case
Panther Jet water pumb w shaft & flanges
Aluminum Ride Plate
Stainless steel intake grate
4 Stainless Steel thru hull fittings
Hdyraulic Pump
Front hood with stainless steel hinges
Rear deck lid with stainless steel hardware
26 gallon Aluminum gas tank
Radiator and /fiberglass cowling
Fan bearing shaft assembly
26 gallon Aluminum gas tank
Motor and transaxle mounts
Oil Pan
Stainless steel dash
Roll bar
Windshield glass & frame
PRP Suspension Seats and interior panels
CJ Jeep Doors
Stainless Steel Front bumper bar
Marine and road lights
Steering Wheel
Shifter & linkage
Nrake & hydraulic lines
Livorsi Gauges
Clutch & Adaptor
CVC'd & Axle
Marine Intercooler
Choice of Standard Gel Coat Color
Honda V6 motor (3.7 V-Tec)
Transaxle (091 VW)
Custom Paint Gaphics
Turn Key Minus